Sand Arena

Our new arena is a 60 x 55 meters, with a sand and fibre surface. We have an array of show jumps and cross country fences (not shown above) ranging from 60 to 100 cm. The sand arena is available for group and individual hire and is priced as follows:

1 Horse = £20 – per hour
2 Horses = £15 per horse – per hour
3 or more Horses = £10 per horse – per hour

Bookings are on an hourly basis and may only start on the hour, eg 9am, 10am, 11am.

Arena Rules:

Feel free to adjust the height of fences but please do not move them around.
Please pick up all droppings left in the Arena and Car Park, Poo buckets are available for use.
Please turn up for you booked session on time, especially during the weekend when we are busy. If you miss part of or all of your booked session you will still be charged for the full time.
Please be aware of when your booked session ends. People will be waiting to use the arena after you.