Sand Arena

Our new arena is a 60 x 55 meters, with a sand and fibre surface. We have an array of show jumps and cross country fences (not shown above) ranging from 60 to 100 cm. The sand arena is available for group and individual hire and is priced as follows:

1 Horse = £20 – per hour
2 Horses = £15 per horse – per hour
3 or more Horses = £10 per horse – per hour

Bookings are on an hourly basis and may only start on the hour, eg 9am, 10am, 11am.

Stepped Complex

We are pleased to announce that our new stepped complex is finished and ready to use! As can be seen from the photographs, there are various ways this can be used, from novice or starter training over the lower section to more advanced schooling over the top. This can be approached from both directions, either going up the steps or coming down them. As this is a new complex usage is limited to suitable ground conditions.

Cross Country Fences

We currently have approximately 55 cross country fences which includes banks, ditches, rails, hedges, rolltops and a coffin. These range in height from 2ft to 3ft 3in and are maintained regularly. We also have a bank complex and water complex, see below for more information.

Show Jumping Fences


We currently have a full set of show jumps which are available for schooling on request.

Bank Complex


The bank complex is a challenging obstacle, it is 3ft foot high with two steps leading up to it, a rail fence on the top and a drop off on the far side.

Water Complex


The water complex has various routes through it including one that begins as a gentle walk in which is ideal for getting horses used to deep water. The water depth is largely dependent on time of year.

Grass Dressage Arena


When conditions allow we lay out a grass dressage arena.

Bluebell Wood


We have a bluebell wood which has a 1/3rd of a mile ride through it. As you might expect it looks stunning when the bluebells are out!