Sand Arena Tour

Here is a short video filmed by Ben Dean of the new Sand and Fibre Arena. It only shows the showjumps but since this video was shot we have also included some cross country fences. Enjoy!

Aerial tour and new Arena!

Our new 55×60 meter Arena is well underway and progressing well, keep your eyes on this website for the announcement of its completion soon!


Earlier in the year Ben Dean flew around the Cross Country course with his camera drone, and put together the following video tour of our cross country course. Enjoy!


New Stepped Complex Finished!



We are pleased to announce that our new stepped complex is finished and ready to use! As can be seen from the photographs, there are various ways this can be used, from novice or starter training over the lower section to more advanced schooling over the top. This can be approached from both directions, either going up the steps or coming down them. As this is a new complex usage is limited to suitable ground conditions.


Heavy Horse and Country Show

On the weekend of the 17th and 18th of may we held the South Eastern Shire Horse Association’s Heavy Horse and Country Show. The event went down really well with a great attendance of both spectators and participants. It was excellent to see these heavy horses being used as intended. We provided a plowing patch which they took full advantage of! The horsepower on show was not only of the hoofed kind but there was also a brilliant show of motor vehicles, ranging from classic and rare cars to buses! Here are a few photos from the event but if you want to see more please take a look at the gallery. And please come along next year to see these magnificent horses in action!